Which is better? Audi, BMW or Mercedes-Benz?

I like them both, and I love German-engineering. Which do you think is the best and why?

10 thoughts on “Which is better? Audi, BMW or Mercedes-Benz?

  1. Miguel... Post author

    Mercedes is the best no doubt. Drove a bmw and an audi. Mercedes has no hesitation with acceleration. Smooth from the touch of pedal. Drive all 3 see what u think.

  2. GoodAnZers Post author

    Having had four Audis at one time or another as private or company cars I'm a bit biased. Spares aren't as expensive as you'd think either. Only tried a BMW 318 for a month as a pool car and on the plus side it was rear wheel drive, other than that I couldn't wait to get shot of it. Mercs are regarded as taxis on continental Europe (cos most taxis are), comfy and reliable but impersonal.

  3. marcella Post author

    depends on your point of view.
    eg looks. reputation. running costs. depreciation , servicing, reliability etc.
    we can use professional car reviewers opinions to get a sort of 'feel' about these cars and assist in making our mind up. though end of day it is a personal choice.
    for my own choices ,ignoring running costs etc. Audi. BMW , mercedes. but again what model are we comparing with ?

  4. Truth

    I have own all three cars, 07 BMW335i harsh ride stiff steering boring interior which starts rattling after 10k miles but engine is great when the turbos are in wokring order(unrelieble turbo). 07 Audi A4 sline 3.2l great rider stick to the road like glue comfortable and only the solid v6 engine have alot of omfff and guts, 4 banger turbos are abit childish, interior is solid and spot on. 06 Mercedes E350 if you are looking for a luxury ride with high quality engine tranny and enterior. its not a race car but its still fast and solid ride.you dont hear the engine or feel every single crack on the road like BMW and sometimes Audi. i say go for merc. im sticking to merc from now on. if you have money get merc with bigger engines in case you want to extra kick. Merc v8 engine and trannys are like bullet proof power houses.

  5. Nate

    I have owned a 3 series BMW, a C class Mercedes and an Audi A6. First with the
    2006 BMW 330i, newer body style is appealing, Very reliable. Pretty basic or boring interior unless you go with the 5 or 7 series. 3 series is nothing to write home about. Great exterior appeal . Solid on the road. Very fun to drive.
    2007 Audi A6, great body style with full front grille from late 2005 on. The interior is mounds above the BMW and even the Mercedes. Very smooth ride but does not hug the road like the Benz or Bimmer. Very spacious, reliable but must spend the $$ for preventative maint.. god forbid anything electrical go wrong as they are prone for this. Always hesitation when stepping on the gas (which I can’t stand). Overall a very luxury ride but just doesn’t have that sport feel.
    2009 Mercedes C300. Very smooth ride. Grips and hugs the road beautifully. Quick but not fast. 2009 & up have the new very appealing interior with 7″ pop up Nav which is definitely worth buying. More spacious than the old body style but still not an A6.
    Overall the three are similar yet very different. The A6 is a step up in class and I would choose it over the 5 series BMW or Mercedes E class any day! As far as the entry level I would go for the Mercedes. Lots of features. Very sporty, quick, great interior and makes you feel like your on the track. Make sure you do the preventative maint though and it should be reliable. If you like European cars and like simplicity yet reliability then the BMW 3 series is for you.

    Hope this helps!

  6. Atul

    i have all these car bmw 7 series, audi A7 and mercedes cls but having these i am not satisfied than i buy firstly porsche and than rolls royce. than also i am not satisfied with them. so it does not matter what ever we buy. if we buy one than we need another.

  7. ani

    ur absulotly right ,because satisfaction not depend on what u have but it’s depend on how u feel so ????????????????

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