What are some good FORD acronyms?

Yeah i think chevy and ford make some great stuff but so many people harp on ford and say there so bad What are some good positive for acronyms for for and some bad ones for chevys

10 thoughts on “What are some good FORD acronyms?

  1. Tenzin Post author

    amazing how many anti-ford people there are on the ford topic, though not that amazing they can't think of anything new/better than "found on road dead"

  2. Bandit-05 Post author

    first on race day
    fun on racing days
    can hear every valve rap on long extended trips
    cheap heap everyday virtually runs on luck each time

  3. dylan

    Well I personally love ford for everything they make, the history… The NOT getting bailed out, etc etc, so I’ve come across some good ones:
    First On Race Day
    First On Real Drags
    Favorite Of Real Drivers
    Fav Off Road Driver
    Fav Of Rally Drivers
    Fades Off Radar Detection
    Fastest Overall Road Dominator

    That about all I can remember for good ford acronyms…
    Bad chevy ones:
    Cracked heads, every valve rattles, oil leaks every time
    … Car hits every vehicle roughly on like every turn…..
    Crap hunk, extra vehicle required, often loses, engine totaled

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