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Whats a cooler car, 1990 Lexus or a 2003 Ford Focus?

The Lexus is a white ES250 from 1990, 120k miles in mint condition. Inside is leather, power everything, cd, etc.

The Ford is also in mint condition, but has 80k miles and no leather or anything.

I can get either one for my 16th birthday and I'm a guy. both cars checked out by a mechanic and are sound.

I really like the lexus…but the ford is a lot newer. Any opinions?



Whats a good first car for a teenage girl?

I've been working at a restaurant for a year and a half and saving up every cent just to get a car. I've saved up $13,000 so far. Im not saying i want to use ALL of that money because i will be going to university in september so i dont want to blow out all my money. Im looking for a SAFE car thats good on gas. I like "sporty looking" cars such as the acura rsx and i've read that its a pretty good car. Any other suggestions for cars i can look at?