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Should i be worried that my 1996 Camry is Burning Oil?

Hi, I have a 96 Toyota Camry LE 4Cly. and today i checked my oil and it was not full. After adding a quart of oil it only came up to half full on the dip stick. i know that you usually have a problem if you are burning a quart between oil changes (I only have about 100 miles till my next oil change). My car has 118k miles and I have had no mechanical issues in the past. Its garaged every day and there are no oil spills under the car. There are no spills by the engine bay so I don't think there is an oil leak. I've had the car since December of 2010 and have only put around 9000 miles on it. I drive around average 20 miles a day. I did have low coolant a while ago and the coolant that was left had white chucks in it so i figure i should get a coolant flush soon, but i wonder if this could lead to it. I don't know if the place I go to is filled it all the way because they are not that reliable. The only reason i go there is because i have lifetime free oil changes with them but they always try to find something wrong with my car. who knows if they even filled it up all the way. I am going for an oil change soon and wonder if i should have this further looked into. I will be going to college next year at a place that 160 mile from home and I don't want to break down on the side of the road. Thanks for the help, and also if any additional details are needed ill try to add them. also sorry for any grammatical errors. i was in a rush.

2000 jetta check engine light after oil change ?

Ok I have a vr6 gls 2.8 2000 volkswagen jetta ibought it like 1 month ago the engine coolent temp sensor went out I got that replaced then on my way home the check engin light came on and i took it back it was the secondary air injection ?? What ever it was he said it was from probably disconnecting a hose so he reset the code no problem after that .

So I go back 2 weeks later which was tester day and got 5w30 full syn oil changed drive home and all day good well I got up this morning and as I pull up to my job the check engine light came on could it be from my oil change it says emissions workshop on my dash but the car runs too good for the year it has 116xxx on It what could it be should I be worried at all

Is 10w-30 oil a good switch for high mileage?

Hey everyone, i have a 2000 Nissan Frontier V6 3.3L with 176,000 miles on it. I recently switched from the owners manual recommended 5w-30 to high mileage 10w-30. Many people have said for higher mileage vehicles its best to switch to 10w-30. However the guy at the auto parts store informed me that 5w-30 works just as well as 10w-30 even with high mileage. Is this true ? or should i stick with 10w-30. Thanks