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Car makes noise when I go over 65mph?

Hey guys!

I drive a 2001 Kia Rio. (recently gifted by my uncle so I don't know the complete history of the car) I noticed that when i go above 65 mph on the highway, it makes a strange whooing noise? Kind of like when it's windy outside and you can hear it from inside. I don't know too much about cars but I just wan to be sure that it's not something to be concerned about. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks!

Car made squealing noise?

A few days ago I turned the car on and went back outside to get the ice off the wipers, I heard this squealing noise coming from under the hood…not sure if it's because the car was so cold or what? I've only ever heard it that one time. It's only a 2010..Chrysler 300 Limited, so hopefully it's nothing serious.. Please help me out with ideas of what this could be! Thanks!