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All-new Mazda3 to Offer Next-generation Car Connectivity System ‘Mazda Connect’


Mazda Motor Corporation today announced that the all-new Mazda3 (Axela in Japan) will feature a next-generation car connectivity system, Mazda Connect, when it goes on sale this autumn. The new system will increase the scope of driving pleasure and engender a deeper relationship between car and driver. To enable the driver to enjoy the wide range of content on offer while keeping their attention focused on the road ahead, Mazda has developed a brand new Human Machine Interface (HMI), based on its unique Heads-Up Cockpit concept. As the amount of information presented to drivers behind the wheel increases, the new HMI creates an environment in which the driver is consistently looking at the road ahead and can concentrate on the safe operation of the vehicle. Continue reading


Patrick Gallagher had an impressive racing resume last week.  Now he can add 2012 Mazda Club Racer Shootout winner to his list of accomplishments.  Gallagher will follow in the footsteps of Andrew Caddell, Brad Rampelberg, Justin Piscitell, Nick Evans, Scott Shelton, and Elliott Skeer, the six previous Mazda shootout winners.

He also joins the MAZDASPEED Motorsports Development Driver ladder, which includes the Mazda Road to Indy, program class of 2013.  The MAZDASPEED ladder has been a critical part of the success of up-and-coming racers including Raphael Matos, John Edwards, Conor Daly, Joel Miller, Matthew Brabham, Connor De Phillippi, Dane Cameron, Jack Hawksworth, Stevan McAleer, Jason Saini, Todd Lamb, Eric Foss, Michael Cooper, Trent Hindman, Danilo Estrella, Adam Christodoulou, Sage Karam, Spencer Pigot, Felix Serralles, Tristan Vautier, Petri Suvanto, Scott Anderson, and Yago Cesario
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BMW Z3 vs Mercedes SLK vs Mazda Mx-5 vs MG F?

I am a teenager and I have been working hard for ages to save up enough money for a convertible. Now, with a little help from my dad, I can finally get one. I'm looking at the BMW Z3, the Mercedes SLK (R170 version), the Mazda Mx-5 (NB version) or the MG F.

The SLK is slightly more expensive than the Z3, so I would think Z3, but I've heard good things about the SLK. Same goes for the Mazda, which is the same price as the Z3. I kind of prefer the Z3, but after years of watching Top Gear, I've noticed how they're always going on about how good the Mazda Mx-5 is, which is why I've also added it to the list. Lastly, the MG is the cheapest of the lot (though arguably not as nice) but if I bought the MG I would have a lot of money left over to customize it or to spend on something else.

Which one do you think I should get and why? Thanks in advance.

Is a Mazda Miata a good car for a 16 year old?

I'm not talking about a brand new one. I was looking in the paper today and saw a Mazda Miata for $3499. I called the guy up, and he told me that the price was already dropped to $2499! $1000 off!

I have a job, I could easily pay for this car, but is it a good first car? I mean it's little, I won't have to give rides to people, and people who have them say they're alright.

Opinions please? Thanks x