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Bad ball joints on a 2001 ford explorer sport 4wd?

01 ford explorer sport 4×4. wife took it to a tire shop to have a leaky tire fixed. They said that both ball joints upper and lower on both sides need replaced. Also the right sway bar link has come loose. This vehicle has 145k miles on it. mostly highway miles. No clunking in the front end or any noises for that matter. Yes I seen where the sway bar end was broken loose and that I can fix easily. I routinely take this vehicle on out of state trips in excess of 800 miles each way. Never had a problem with the front end. They quoted me $540 to replace both lower ball joints, $450 for the uppers. another $125 for the sway bar links, then they also said I needed new brakes $325 for the front and $300 for the rear. after all the taxes and everything they tried to convince my wife to agree to a $2100 repair bill. My tires aren't wearing strange. Yes I probably need the brake shoes but I can put them on cheaper. I always thought that when the ball joints were bad you would have a clunking in the front end and it would show on the tire wear pattern. I think this bill is way to high and they were trying to take advantage of my wife thinking she would just say fix it. They did scare her though and she drove it home very slowly.