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Why is my gas milage so bad in my Audi ?

Okay so I have a 2003 Audi a6 with the 4.2l v8. I know I'm not suppose to get good gas milage in the first place but I considered that when I bought it but it gets way under. It is supposed to get 15-18 city and I only get about 10. What gives. I drive it so slowly but I get the same results. I also let it warm up in the morning for a couple minutes and don't say that is why because I know it's not. I get better when it warms up

87 gas to an 89 gas.. what should i expect ?

I drive a Lexus es250 '91
My friend has told me to put 89 (premium) because it will last you longer, I usually put 87 regular.
So I filled up my tank with premium 89. Now am i suppose to be worried? well something happen to my car? the gas panel just says to add ''unleaded only''
What changes should I expect ?

All of a sudden, it takes a ling time to put gas in my 2001 gmc jimmy.?

Hello Karen. Inside the fuel filler tube is a ball-and-screen check-valve assembly. This assembly was introduced to thwart fuel thieves. When fuel is being pumped through the assembly, the ball floats allowing fuel into the tank. Sometimes, that ball corrodes or gets gummed causing it to stick. There was a technical service bulletin from GM addressing this concern. We replaced the fuel filler tube w/ the valve assembly. Your vehicle, unfortunately, no longer is covered by the TSB. The fuel filler tube needs to be replaced. Peace.