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2000 jetta check engine light after oil change ?

Ok I have a vr6 gls 2.8 2000 volkswagen jetta ibought it like 1 month ago the engine coolent temp sensor went out I got that replaced then on my way home the check engin light came on and i took it back it was the secondary air injection ?? What ever it was he said it was from probably disconnecting a hose so he reset the code no problem after that .

So I go back 2 weeks later which was tester day and got 5w30 full syn oil changed drive home and all day good well I got up this morning and as I pull up to my job the check engine light came on could it be from my oil change it says emissions workshop on my dash but the car runs too good for the year it has 116xxx on It what could it be should I be worried at all

Did my car engine overhaul,change the spark plugs, all fileters, engine belt , hoses, bearings..etc etc..now..?

Car is doing fine . I did this 8 months ago on suzuki cervo 2004 model . Now when should i change the oil, what extra care should i take to keep the car in best condition . I dont drive ths car regularly as im also having BMW , I just want to keep ths car in top condition as ths is my first car and Iattached to it like my first love. Thank you for help..

Can you change the engine on a car with an economic one?

This is gonna be fun, I need to confess that I know absolutely nothing about cars!

Now, my favorite car has always been BMW 840 / 850 – – I'm sure there's a difference but they look the same to me…
Say I buy this car and I want to change the engine, I hear it has a big engine (V12, whatever that is) and that it's eating a lot of fuel…which in turn, costs a lot of money…
Now, could it be possible to replace the engine with one that has a smaller gas consumption?
I'm sure there's a lot of paperwork to do but could it be done?
I apologize for my English, it's not my first language.
Thank you for all answers.
Also, please don't make fun, I really like this car for the way it looks, I dont want to race with it :))