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*UK* has anyone done an "advanced driving course"?

My dad is trying to tempt me into doing an Advanced Driving Course (The IAM one) in the UK after finding out that I am saving up got sell my Fiat and get a Skyline GTR R34 (Dream Car :-S) when I get my first proper job. What is on the course , has it been worthwhile to you?

My dad says that I would better off being shown to handle a 4×4 Twin Turbo V6 with 250bhp safely, as its a bit step up from a 1.4 100bhp in the 500. Also he says it will slash my premiums (although not the primary reason)

This is seriously driving me insanee?

I'm 18 and still don't have my permit.

I took it twice and I failed. The last time I took it was in 2010. I have been too afraid to attempt it since. But I am so desperate and confused. I don't understand. I take higher level classes, and got "above average" on my SAT'S. I'm lost, I just don't know what to do. It's eating away at my soul.

P.S. If I do end up getting a permit here in Virginia, and move to Oklahoma this summer, will I have to take the permit test again there?