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How unusual is it for a 2004 Toyota corolla with 75,000 miles on it, to have the engine completely break down?

I just got my first car(2004 Toyota corolla, had only 75k miles) and after a WEEK the engine just randomly broke down and doesn't work and I have to get a new one(costs around $2000) so at this moment I'm not a very happy person, and I just wanna know, why would this happen? 75k mile engine just dies!?!?

2011 Toyota Corolla v.s. Kia 2012 Forte Koup?

I think both cars 2011 Toyota Corolla ($15,900) and Kia 2012 Forte Koup ($17,200) are cool cars but can you tell me which is better. Also, this optional but you can tell me why and/or tell me what are specials between the two cars. All I know about the Toyota Corolla is that is Hatsune Miku has that car (yeahyuhh!!) and I am going to buy that. Kia? Looks nice and that's all I got. Sorry if my grammar is a bit wrong. I'm still working on it in school! ?@_@?