How much should it cost to replace a timing belt?

My car has been making this squealing noise and people are telling me it's my timing belt. I have to take it to the mechanic, but I'm a girl and I want to know what a reasonable price is so I don't get ripped off; I know how these mechanics get when they see a girl come in.

I have a Toyota Matrix XR 2003 and I have 120k miles on it.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Mr. B Post author

    About 300 to 500 dollars depending if the water pump needs changed also or if extra work needs done to get to it like pulling off a motor mount and power steering pump. Usually its cost of part plus shipping and around 80 to 150 dollars an hour to put it on (labor) depending on small town or if u live in l.a.

  2. ohni0000 Post author

    The cost of vehicle maintenance can vary quite a bit across the country and for that reason, the best estimate you can get needs to be obtained locally.

    Go to one of the links below and enter your information for an estimate of repair costs in your zip code:

  3. James Pierce Post author

    It has a timing chain not a belt. It's probably a drive belt. IE alternator,power steering and such. A water pump , or alternator can squeal too.

  4. Andrew Hepp Post author

    it's probably the serpentine belt not the timing belt. serpentine belt runs on the outside of the engine. it would cost around $130 to fix. if it's timing it will cost around $700.

  5. Sasha James Post author

    Timing belt is inside the engine, even though is not a very difficult procedure many parts have to be tampered with!

    In another hand, 120k miles is not that much and 2003 is not that old, if your car has had good mantainance I don't think the timing belt would be loose!!

    Also if it is squealing, maybe it is another belt, one of the ones that. Moves the fan, alternator, etc.

    Open the hood and turn the engine on, and if the squeek comes from the front of the car it might be easy, you can buy some belt lubricant and spray it yourself. Also check levels, engine oil is very important but sometimes lack of power steering fluid produces squeeks!

  6. Ariana Post author

    If the squealing gets worse when you are turning a corner, the problem is more likely the power steering belt. Timing belts are inside the engine and rarely squeal.

    However, a timing must be replaced about every 80,000 miles. If they break the engine will destroy itself in a lot of cases. Has the timing belt ever been changed before? If not, it needs one right now. They run $200 on a US brand car up to $700 in a Japanese car or European car. Or anything in between. Your car is likely made in Canada but is still a Japanese car.

    If it is just the power steering belt it will be under $100

    Go to your guy friends and ask them where to go for honest repairs.

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