Does it hurt the car when using WRONG oil?

help! i have a 2001 325i BMW, and my bf changes his oil every 3 months/3000 miles on his honda, so he changes mines too at the same time. he changed my oil with the white bottle castrol oil 10-40 then another time he used the green bottle 10-40 and now he is using the castrol white bottle 10-40 i went to autozone the other day and they told me that my BMW is suppose to take mobile1 syntetic. my brother is a machanic but doesnt know much about BMWs but he told me my car is NOT suppose to take the oil that my bf been using. and that im suppose to change oil every 10,000 miles not every 3000 miles. is my car messed up now because he keeps changing oil? and possibly using the wrong oil?? =(

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  1. poochie truth Post author

    Your car will not feel the effects of the different oil being used. Oil is used for lubrication and it will continue to lubricate just as well as the synthetic. However, when you do need another oil change, be sure to add the manufacturer specified oil to your engine. No harm done.

  2. Fiary Godmother Post author

    YES mite hurt some car. Not yours, with this oil . In a hi mileage car synthetic oil is best , since the oil is contaminated much quicker and a single filter may clog up. Your f did you a favor.. If you are over 150k you should probably use 20-50 or 15-50 Mobile sells) it seals your guides and rings better,, keeping your whole engine cleaner and your plugs cleaner..For hi-perf change your oil every 3 to 4k on a hi mileage engine.

    1. nooilengine

      Unless it has no Oil. pvhotrodmonkey is right.I discovered this today and ran down to the local supermarket an bought some low 30W oil. My car had never leaked oil and I hadn’t had it serviced for a while. I just thought the engine was pinging cause of the petrol I was using. Turned out to be a dry dipstick o_O. I’t was a lower viscosity than recommended for my engine but I did a bit of research and it seems you can get away with any oil as long as you make sure you take it to a mechanic asap and get your oil changed (or do it yourself with the right oil). Any oil is better than no oil!

  3. bemmerlover Post author

    Well for one, it doesn't matter what color bottle he's using or what brand as long as it's right viscosity (which is what 10W-40 stands for) so you have to find in your manual what viscosity your engine requires (it'd be #W-#) I highly doubt it uses 40…10W maybe during summer.

    Anywho…the synthetic part, it depends, also look in your manual, some engines (like VW Jetta) requires synthetic due to oil sludge over time…not sure bout BMW though…

    Your brother is half right. Newer engines actually need oil change every 5,000miles with regular oil instead of 3,000miles…also the month interval doesn't actually apply…your oil won't go bad within 3 months, it'll only go bad (become contaminated) if its older than bout a year. If you're using synthetic, it can last as up to 10,000miles because it stays clean longer.

    The answer to your actual question, if you use wrong viscosity oil for your engine, yes it could cause damage over time. If the oil is too think (if your car needs 30 instead of 40, 40 is too thick), it can cause sludge and make the engine seize up. During cold weather, if you live somewhere cold during winter, and use 10W, your engine won't get the right lubrication (will jell up) and your engine internal components will wear out faster (such as pistons, bores, cranckshaft, bearings, ect) and your engine won't last as long…so in cold weather it's best to use 5W or even 0W.

  4. pvhotrodmonkey Post author

    Not really.. Wrong oil is better than no oil though

    If its petrol yeah 10,000 miles.. 3000 for diesels.

    if your that fussy, get your oil changed again with the correct oil

  5. Atul thakur Post author

    mobile1 is shocking oil, don't use it, it is expensive but crap. i would trust your bother over autozone.

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