5 thoughts on “Can I replace tires P185/70/R14 with P185/65/R14? Why?

  1. Sanjay Post author

    You can, but your speedo will be off by a bit. Not important if you drive Ms. Daisy, but not so good if you're gonna debate the speed you were travelling with the law

  2. snookynibbles Post author


    The only difference between the two tires is that the replacement tires have a sidewall height of 5% less than the tires they're replacing.

    See link below to learn more about how to read tire sidewalls.

  3. Cupcake_lover Post author

    You can do it. The tires will be slightly smaller diameter so the speedometer will read a few mph high.

  4. HeyDude Post author

    Yes…the height difference will be so small, it won't be noticable… like .18 inch. (4.5mm) in height, and 9mm total tire diameter increase. The 185/65 will be smaller..but hard to tell….less then a cm total height.
    Speedometer difference will be lower. When doing 60 mph, ( speedometer) you might be doing 59 mph actual. Smaller diameter will turn faster for the same distance, so your speedometer will read a bit faster…but not much.

  5. Vilius Post author

    No. too small a diameter which changes the effective final drive ration (reduced fuel economy = hihger cost to you), makes the speedometer and odometer read inaccurately and most importantly the smaller tire has a smaller air chamber and thus less load carrying capacity. It can not support as much weight. Which is why you only see tires sized P185/65R14 85S on smaller cars than yours.

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