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This is seriously driving me insanee?

I'm 18 and still don't have my permit.

I took it twice and I failed. The last time I took it was in 2010. I have been too afraid to attempt it since. But I am so desperate and confused. I don't understand. I take higher level classes, and got "above average" on my SAT'S. I'm lost, I just don't know what to do. It's eating away at my soul.

P.S. If I do end up getting a permit here in Virginia, and move to Oklahoma this summer, will I have to take the permit test again there?

Karabag launches world’s first nationwide electric vehicle service network in Germany

The auto industry is undergoing a bit of a technological revolution these days. Automakers are adopting new technologies to power their vehicles, such as hydrogen fuel cells and lithium-ion batteries. While this may be a welcome change for environmentalists, many drivers are not very keen on the shift in technology. Drivers have long been capable of fixing any problem they may have with their cars themselves, if motivated enough to do so. Such do-it-yourself fixes are popular, allowing drivers to sidestep costly trips to mechanics. New technology, however, is not forgiving to those without a degree in engineering.

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Did my car engine overhaul,change the spark plugs, all fileters, engine belt , hoses, bearings..etc

Car is doing fine . I did this 8 months ago on suzuki cervo 2004 model . Now when should i change the oil, what extra care should i take to keep the car in best condition . I dont drive ths car regularly as im also having BMW , I just want to keep ths car in top condition as ths is my first car and Iattached to it like my first love. Thank you for help..