Monthly Archives: January 2012

Ford Powerstroke 6.0's really that bad?

Are Ford 6.0 Powerstroke's really that bad? I am looking to get one probably a 2005 or newer but would settle for an 2003 or 04. We have an 04 as a service truck on our farm and it has 95,000 on it and seems fine. But it hardly pulls anything and basically pulls its own weight. But it is a flat bed and has quite a bit of weight on the back but not enough to squat her. My friend has an 05 dually with 188,000 and its not doing so well. But he got it with 160,000 on it and it pulled a tractor its whole life and my friend races so he pulls a 32 ft. enclosed with it. I figured that a 6.0 wouldn't be that bad if it just pulled its own weight all the time? Am I right? I'll pull a 20 ft. car trailer probably three times a year max for about 40 miles max at a time because thats how far it is to town, and the trailer won't even be loaded. I've just heard that they go bad because of pulling so much weight the EGR just goes out and ruins everything, So do you think if its mainly just going to pull its own weight around it'll be just fine?

Need help for first car?

Hey looking for my first car because I just turned 16, my budget is $15,000. So a 10,000 car so I have enough for insurance and other things. Any suggestions on a car? I don't want any street ricers like a turd toyota supra or Honda civic but I don't want anything that's like a family safe car. Something on the lines of a subaru 2.5rs. Thanks in advance. 10 point to best idea